Unbought. Unbossed. Unburdened. My Pledge.

FREEDOM is not free.

God given rights and individual freedoms are the foundation of this nation. We are endowed by our creator with the capacity for self-determination and self-responsibility. The COVID pandemic has shown us how easily government overreach strips us of our constitutional rights. The hijacking of our cities by anarchists like ANTIFA has shown us that the leftists will stop at nothing to destroy America. I am devoted to maintaining the principles rooted in the U.S. Constitution. Allegiance to the Constitution is paramount to my concept of smaller, less intrusive government. As your Congresswoman, I will not allow the socialists and the weak R.I.N.O.s to dismantle the greatest nation in the history of humanity.

Christy McLaughlin is a rare combination of genuine conservative values and true grit. Although she is the youngest candidate in the country running for Congress, she has already amassed a notable resume. A lawyer, a Florida certified teacher and a Republican community activist, Christy has served her SW Florida community all her adult life. She entered the FL-19 Congressional race because she believes that the nation cannot afford to elect another weak politician who will betray founding principles such as preserving the Constitution and the protection of individual rights. As a strict Constitutionalist, Christy intends to lend unwavering support to President Trump and fight the anarchist and socialists that seek to destroy America. If elected, Christy’s win will be historic. Not only will she be the youngest women elected to Congress ever, she will also be the first woman, Latina, native-born elected from SW Florida. She will also be the only Republican woman in the Florida delegation sent to Congress in the past four years promoting the concept that the Republican Party welcomes women. For more detailed information visit Christyforcongress.com.

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My Pledge to You...

SW Florida is my home and you are my family. CD-19 deserves a representative with integrity, honesty and selflessness. Politics is wrought with special interest groups trading money for access and influence. You can’t “Drain the Swamp” if you are paid by the swamp. S.W. Florida residents need a representative that will place their interests above the interests of the lobbyists. I am not a professional politician. My only interest is to serve and protect the interests of Southwest Florida. My pledge to you is:

  • I pledge to never accept any donations from lobbyist, P.A.C. or special interests of any kind, ever.
  • I pledge to never bring scandal or shame to Congressional District-19.
  • I pledge to never place your congressional seat for sale.
  • I pledge to never be a R.I.N.O.
  • I pledge to bring transparency and accessibility to your Congressional seat.
  • I pledge to always place the interests of the people of CD-19 ahead of my own.

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Meet Christy

"At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America, and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other. When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice." - Donald Trump

Christy McLaughlin is a Southwest Florida ORIGINAL.

Southwest Florida is in my DNA. I was born at North Naples Hospital, schooled at Seagate Elementary and Community School of Naples and home schooled for high school. I was even crowned Miss Naples and Miss South Florida Latina 2014. I taught Catechism classes at St. Ann’s Catholic Church. I completed my Bachelors of Art degree cum laude from FGCU and earned a Florida teaching certificate by age 20. I recently graduated from Ave Maria School of Law in Naples and sat for the Florida Bar. I know every corner of Florida’s 19th Congressional district. I have vacationed in Boca Grande, went to college in Fort Myers, taught middle schoolers in Cape Coral, played piano and was a sound technician at Sugden Theatre. I have slept on Keywaydin Island and swam with the porpoises off Marco Island. I love Southwest Florida and no one will work harder to protect the interest of Southwest Florida residents more than me.

Christy McLaughlin supports all of President Trump’s agenda.

I have supported President Trump since he descended the escalator. I have actively participated in Republican campaigns and the Republican Party. I have supported and campaigned for Donald J. Trump (the greatest president ever), Andy Solis, Dwight Brock, Burt Saunders, Francis Rooney, Byron Donalds, Amira Fox, Ron DeSantis, and Rick Scott. I was a member of the Lee Republican Women’s Club. I am currently on the Republican Executive Committee of Collier County, serving as a Youth Outreach committee member. I was a field organizer for the Republican Party of Florida during the 2018 election cycle. I am deeply committed to promoting conservative principals of individual freedom, right to life for the unborn, and preserving the republic.

Christy McLaughlin is a leader for the new millennium.

I established the Republican National Lawyer's Association Chapter at Ave Maria School of Law and was its President 2018-2019. I expanded the Young Republicans Party of Florida into Collier County and am currently the Collier County Chair. I co-organized the 2018 Southwest Florida Honor Ball benefitting the Collier-Lee Honor Flight honoring WWII veterans. I have been a board member, Program Director, and Volunteer Coordinator of the Mother Frances De Sales Auxiliary for the Homeless for the past five years, most recently raising $50,000 for various homeless shelters in Naples. I served as an intern for the Honorable Judge Grieder at the Twentieth Circuit Court and Florida State Attorney’s Office. I worked as a paid intern for Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart in 2019. During my time in D.C., I attended congressional immigration, veterans and education committee meetings. I helped write notes for legislation and memoranda concerning the Mueller report. I am very familiar with the workings of the House of Representative and I will be ready on the first day to promote the interest of my constituents.

Christy McLaughlin rejects identity politics.

I am a half-Cuban, half-Scottish, devout Catholic, young, female lawyer. But the only identity that matters is that I am a conservative. My campaign will focus on conservative issues and policies. When elected to congress, I plan to promote strong immigration reform that limits birth right citizenship; protect the life of the unborn from the moment of conception; support the development and innovation of Space Force; and defend our 2nd Amendment rights. Join me and together forge onto the future and KEEP SOUTHWEST FLORIDA GREAT.


Lee Republican Women's Federated Club Debate

Cape Coal Women's Club


God Bless America

We have the great privilege of living in the greatest country in history. Since 1787, the majority of the world’s governments have adopted or emulated the American system of economics and government. The American way has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of tyranny and poverty. As “one nation under God,” I will always stand for the national anthem and respect the flag. I support President Trump’s appointment of conservative judges with fundamental knowledge of the Constitution’s original intent. I support a National Voter ID requirement. The integrity of our electoral process is paramount to maintain the government’s credibility. Too many instances of voter fraud have already been tolerated. As your Congressperson, I intend to protect our constitution and your individual freedom in every instance. I will never forget that the government serves “We the People.”

Drain the Swamp

I am Unbought, Unbossed, and Unburdened. You can’t “Drain the Swamp” when you are being paid by the swamp. Politics is wrought with special interest groups trading money for access and influence. Politicians who claim that they can take PAC money without being influenced are only fooling themselves and deceiving their constituents. I challenge my fellow candidates to take the NO PAC money pledge. I support term limits for all members of congress. I support legislative transparency by requiring a limit of one subject per law (similar to Florida’s Single Subject rule) and requiring a vote on each amendment. I support campaign finance reform that provides further transparency. As your representative I will not live full-time in D.C, I will commute from SW Florida. SWFL deserves a representative in DC, not a DC swamp creature serving their own self-interest. S.W. Florida residents deserve a representative that will place their interests above the interests of the lobbyists. I am not a professional politician. My only interest is to serve and protect the interests of Southwest Florida. Keep S.W. Florida Great!

America First

I fully support President Trump’s “America First” agenda. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that we must be concerned with America’s health, welfare and safety first. Going forward, we must anticipate other potential crises whether natural or man-made. The United States needs to be prepared to protect itself against other pandemics, terrorism, conventional military attacks or cyberattacks that could cripple the nation. The United States’ military is better than ever, thanks to President Trump. President Trump is exactly right when he says the United States needs a Space Force to protect us from attacks and ensure that we remain a strong and well defended nation. President Trump’s use of tariffs to realign trade imbalances has been brilliant. The United States has been taken advantage of by allies and enemies alike for decades. I support President Trump’s demand that other countries pay their fair share of organizations such as NATO, United Nations, WHO, and WTO. We must reduce our reliance on China and other foreign suppliers especially in the pharmaceutical sector. I applaud President Trump’s accomplishments towards Energy Independence. Lower corporate taxes, middle-class tax cuts and decreased regulation gave the U.S. the greatest economy ever. However, giving the current extreme economic downturn we should also consider reducing foreign subsidies to certain wealthy and adversarial countries. In Congress, I will support President Trump and vote to both protect and innovate. We must Keep America Safe.

Right to Assemble/ Right to free exercise of religion

The Constitution must be protected to guarantee that it endures. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed our nation under a great deal of strain. Americans are experiencing health, emotional and economic worry. However, as we try to prioritize the life and welfare of each citizen, we cannot lose sight of the individual freedoms that we have fought so hard to protect. The right to peaceably assemble and the right to free exercise of religion are paramount among those essential freedoms. Due to the COVID virus, many state and local governments have denied the right to gather or meet up in your private home or your place of worship. Most churches and synagogues are closed and no one is available to tend to the populations spiritual needs. Family members are no longer allowed to visit the elderly or those hospitalized. And Florida has criminalized leaving your home for non-essential lawful activities with fines and imprisonment. The right to practice your religion is an essential activity. And the right to assemble can only be infringed for a pressing public matter. Whether the COVID pandemic is a greater pressing matter than Influenza is a matter of statistical facts. I would argue that infringing and criminalizing the Constitutional right of assembly and religious practice through an executive order is unconstitutional. Benjamin Franklin prophetically stated “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” I believe we deserve both- Liberty and Safety.

Social Media Freedom of Speech

Social Media should be a free marketplace of ideas. Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram are used by the global population. Essentially, these social media sites are akin to open public marketplaces. Although, these social media websites are private, they are so open to the public that they should not infringe upon First Amendment rights of the users. Twitter and Facebook monopolize the people’s ability to communicate online, and then “shadow ban” those they don’t agree with (particularly Republicans and right-wing conservatives). Google has been using search algorithms to sway public opinion towards a leftist political agenda. In my first month as your representative, I plan to join with other like-minded legislators to pass a bill that protects the right to free speech for online users. Social media sites should be identified as public forums, thereby, giving the users’ a Constitutional right to free speech.

Campus Freedom of Speech

Universities infringing students’ free speech is an abuse of power. Many universities use their power and their status to indoctrinate students with leftist ideology. They are selectively infringing conservative students’ right to free speech. In some cases, universities are using their exclusive platform to politically engineer the next generation towards liberal, globalist, socialistic policies. In general, conservative students have no recourse but to suffer discrimination and retaliation by professors and staff. I support President Trump’s Executive Order to protect students’ free speech on college campuses and will work to create legislation that extends his Executive Order. In Congress, I will work to strengthen students' right to conservative beliefs without retaliation or discrimination. In my first month in Congress, I will propose a bill that grants students a private cause of action against universities for FERPA violations, so students can protect their rights individually.

Student Debt

Many American colleges and universities prey on students by making false promises. American colleges and universities are big business, with total student expenditure of $583 Billion. There are about 20 million students enrolled annually. Guidance counselors and advisors often manipulate students into decisions which benefit the universities financial position, but burden the student. There are more than 40 million student borrowers who invest money in their education, and leave with huge amounts of student debt. Total student debt has now topped $1.56 Trillion dollars. Student debt has increased by more than 500% since 1999. Yet those student loans have not had the return on investment falsely promised by unscrupulous colleges. The current system of guaranteed student loans places no barriers to universities unbridled appetite for more money. “Free college education for all” is a political ploy meant to increase the already excessive influence and control afforded to colleges. I believe colleges and universities must be subject to a free market environment. A true free market will control the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of most colleges and curtail the inflated and always increasing cost of tuition.

Right to bear arms

The Constitution states “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The right to bear Arms, has already been infringed too much. As a member of the NRA, I firmly believe in protecting our Constitutional right to bear arms, including AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles. I believe in the right to purchase and own guns and the ability to open carry. The Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), held that the 2nd amendment confers an individual right to self-defense. The phrase “a well-regulated Militia” in the 2nd amendment refers to the right of citizens to protect themselves from governmental tyranny. In Congress, I will advocate for legislation that protects the right to bear arms, because there is no greater check on tyranny than protecting the 2nd amendment.

Right to Life for the Unborn

Life begins at conception. I am a twenty-four year old woman in my prime years to have children. I speak about right to life on a personal level. Women have the extraordinary gift to create new life, but I do not underestimate the tremendous sacrifice women make by giving their bodies to serve the life of another until birth. To be Pro-Life is to be Pro-Women. No one has the right to take the life of another. There is certainly no reasonable rationale that supports the killing of a viable baby during the third trimester or at the time of birth. In the terrible circumstances of rape, sexual abuse, or incest, another innocent life should not have to pay the consequence. Only in the very limited circumstances where the life and health of the mother is at risk should an abortion ever be permissible, and the existing risk should be determined by a licensed physician to establish that the mother could lose her life if she proceeds to viability. Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. That was 47 years ago. Today, women have many options for effective and safe contraception as well as fairly easy access. The moment a new life is created, a woman’s body is no longer exclusively her own. She shares her body with her unborn baby until the moment of delivery. The new person has the same right to life as the mother. A woman who engages in consensual sex assumes the risk of creating life and loses complete control over her body upon conception. Complete control over her body is regained only after the baby has left her vessel. The specter of backroom abortions of the 1950s and 1960s are a scare tactic conjured to intimidate the Pro-life movement. Backroom abortions are currently unlawful in every state and may be subject to increased penalties. Women should be placed on notice that they should proactively prevent pregnancies and that the use of abortion is a violation of another person right to life. The Pro-life movement warrants equal protection for the unborn. No decent society can permit the use of abortion as contraception. In Congress, I will advocate for the life of unborn babies, passionately. That is true feminism.

The Right to the Pursuit of Happiness

I concur with President Trump’s stance on gay marriage: It is settled law. The 9th amendment clearly states that there may be other rights not delineated in the Bill of Rights such as the right to marriage. “No union is more profound than marriage. . . [Same sex couples] respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves. . . .[Same sex couples] ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.” Justice Anthony Kennedy, Obergefell v. Hodges. Additionally, it is in the best interest of children to be raised in a loving, safe environment. Every child deserves the best foster or adoptive home regardless of the genders or sexual orientation of the parents.

Florida State’s Rights

I am for a smaller, less intrusive government in Washington DC. Originally, the United States Constitution very specifically defined the limited powers of the Federal Government. These limited federal powers are granted to the Federal Government by the States, not the other way around. The Tenth Amendment expressly states that all other powers that do not belong to the Federal Government belong to the States. Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying that America is a “Republic, if we can keep it.” We have witnessed a never ending march towards federal government intrusion into private lives and erosion of state’s rights that is destroying our republic. In Congress, I will vote against legislation that exceeds the power of the federal government including eliminating the Department of Education. All conservatives must strive to have a federal balanced budget and less government waste and inefficiency. A strong representative republic is grounded in strong state’s rights. Florida’s rights as a state are shifting to Washington bureaucrats. We must stem the tide of greater encroachment on state’s rights and return governing to the state and local governments, closer to the people.

Florida Water Quality and Restoration

Southwest Florida is defined by its beautiful beaches. I grew up on SW Florida beaches. I pretended to swim like a mermaid in Lowdermilk Park. But, in 2016, our water quality was destroyed from algae blooms that overtook our coastlines. Our waters were polluted, our ecosystems were damaged, and people suffered respiratory and other health issues. Tourism, real estate, and our economy took a turn for the worse. As of 2020, Algae blooms are still a recurring issue. Our water quality is an essential investment for our community. The quality of our expansive waterways can affect the entire nation in health and commerce. In Congress, I will fight to receive the necessary funding we need for the restoration and proactive measures we must take to keep our waters clean.


Socialism is a failed idea. History has proven that a system of government that respects individual freedom, private property ownership and a free marketplace has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty and improved everyone’s standard of living. The Green New Deal and other centralized control of enterprise is a scam. Senator Bernie Sanders and others have tried to perpetrate a fraud on today’s youth with a never ending list of freebies. You cannot give free housing, a federal job guarantee, free college tuition, free healthcare and a guaranteed minimum wage without everybody being poorer because of it. I represent many young people who share my opinion. Young people are smarter than that. My mother’s family fled Cuba in 1961 for political reasons. My grandparents lived through the socialist takeover of all bank assets, private homeownership, private enterprise, guns and other valuable property with the use of force. Socialism/Communism converted Cuba from a country with a very high standard of living to one of the poorest nations in Central America. I support President Trump’s stance on Cuba and Venezuela, which gives hope to freedom-loving people. As your Congressperson, I will be a role-model for other young conservatives by standing up to the purveyors of socialist propaganda.


Healthcare is personal. No one knows all the details and factors that go into making healthcare decisions except you. These very personal and private healthcare decisions rest solely between you and your doctor. Insurance companies and the government have increasingly encroached and restricted our right to make our own health decisions. Our current healthcare system is fraught with hardships and barriers to care. I believe we need to remove the mountains of regulations and requirements that interfere with access to healthcare and return healthcare to the free-market. I propose removing the middlemen from the delivery of healthcare and returning total control of healthcare to each individual. We should allow individuals or groups to purchase health insurance across state lines. The government should lift regulations that restrict the ability to purchase prescription drugs from other countries. As your Congresswoman, I will introduce legislation to allow the purchase of Medicare down to age 55.

Social Security

Social Security is a contract; it is not an entitlement. Social Security recipients paid into the system, in some cases for many decades. Seniors rely on a payout upon retirement. The promise of social security benefits cannot be touched. The use of Social Security funds for other government functions is immoral.


I received my Florida Teaching Certificate mid-2016. I have actual classroom experience. My heart and thoughts align with many teachers when I say all of my love was with my students. I want only the best for students’ growth and development. However, not long after Common Core was implemented, it became quite clear that the program was ineffective and greatly detracted from student progress and performance. In essence, Common Core lowered the standards for students, placed all accountability on the teachers, yet lacked the remedial measures that would enhance the curriculum if the students’ progress was less than standard. Student performance is greatly affected by the students’ personal life, emotional strength, and socio-economic background. Common Core did not provide flexibility in the curriculum for struggling students. Common Core was damaging the futures of our Florida students. Governor DeSantis eliminated Common Core in 2020 and implemented Florida’s Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking (B.E.S.T.). The benchmark curriculum changes the “teach to the test” mentality that Common Core established that diminished student performance. Additionally, the B.E.S.T. standard implemented more historical and civics curriculum. All education standards must be formed in the best interest of the child. Thus, the curriculum should be focused on experiential and problem-solving learning instead of test-based learning. Enhanced historical and civics curriculum encourages the knowledge of students to be knowledgeable of the “duties of citizenship.” I support increasing access to vocational training. Not every student must follow the same inflexible academic pathway. Not all students are destined to be a scholar, but indeed, all students are capable of learning and demonstrating expertise in some skill. Vocations should be encouraged and implemented into the standard curriculum. The goal is to lead students to becoming productive and skilled. With the addition of vocational courses, students can have a much more practical and well-rounded education. I support School Choice. I am in favor of parents having the right to construct their children’s education. School choice is one way of providing parents that ability. However, it does pose some problems. School choice can be costly, it can create a disparity in certain school populations, in which an overcrowded school may not have the resources to provide for the students. However, school choice encourages a free-market style education, in which schools are challenged to enhance their curriculum and be attractive to potential student population. Another way of implementing parents’ rights in establishing their child’s education is the school voucher program. I propose that every child receives a voucher where the parent then selects the curriculum for their child with the voucher they have been given. The cost of the education goes directly to the child instead of the public school. The parent more often than not, knows what is best for the child. The student can receive a robust, individualized education by using a competitive free market system. School safety: When I was an intern teacher at Poinciana Elementary School, the teachers and I received a red alert notifying of an unidentified person on our campus. For a brief second my heart panicked and my first thought was how I was going to protect my students. All was very quickly resolved, but I never forgot the feeling of what it felt to be a teacher at risk and in charge of protecting the lives of her students. Teachers should be able to choose whether they can defend themselves and their students in the classroom. I would have felt much safer if I had the choice and training to carry a weapon on campus to protect myself and my students. I am strongly in favor of teachers having the choice to carry a weapon on campus and naturally, receive extensive training in defense.


Veterans’ benefits are not granted, they are earned. The VA’s stated purpose is to provide Veterans with the support they have EARNED for their service. But, in previous administrations, the VA hospitals and healthcare systems have failed our Veterans in their time of need and at times leading to their death while they waited for care. Under President Trump, Veterans are finally receiving the care they deserve. I have studied Veterans’ Law while in Law School and have always been a huge advocate for the health and wellness of the brave and dedicated people that have served our nation and keep us free. In Congress, I will work to help enhance the care available to Veterans including advocating for holistic approaches to addiction and suicide prevention.


The sovereignty of our nation is defined by strong borders and legal immigration. In 1961, my mother’s family legally immigrated to the United States from Cuba. Fleeing Cuba’s socialist/communist regime, they lost everything, except what they could conceal in the hems of their pants. The United States was a beacon of freedom. They came to this country with the resolve of never returning to Cuba, learning English, adopting American culture and becoming American citizens. They did not come for handouts. They asked for nothing except for the opportunity to work hard and give back to this greatest of nations. Those who enter this country must abide by its laws. For everyone’s safety and prosperity, those seeking to immigrate to the United States must be vigorously vetted and documented. Those that jump the border, enter the country illegally or overstay their visas are stealing the opportunities and resources available to those who in good faith respect and assimilate to the laws of the United States. Illegal aliens who break US law and cheat the system should not be rewarded with government funded healthcare and other benefits. I support finishing the border wall, eliminating “catch and return” policy, ending visa lottery, waivers, and chain migration. I support merit immigration. I will not support a path to citizenship for illegal aliens who entered the country as adults. DACA aliens should have special consideration and may have a path to citizenship with proper vetting and requirements. The proper control of the border and other ports of entry will decrease human trafficking, drug trafficking and other cartel activity. Individuals or Sanctuary cities that interfere with Border Patrol or ICE officers’ enforcement of U.S. law should be subject to the full penalties of the law. As your Congressman, I will support President Trump’s stance on terminating federal grants and subsidies to sanctuary cities.

Birth Right Citizenship

Citizenship is a privilege. Birthright citizenship is yet another incentive for illegal aliens to abuse the resources of the United States. Many illegal aliens purposely enter the US to take advantage of free education, free healthcare, and many other benefits for their children. Many of these same illegal aliens do not learn English, pay taxes or intend to stay in the US without a financial incentive. Citizenship has both benefits and responsibilities. Many illegal aliens want to withdraw benefits but have no intention of accepting any civic responsibility. Furthermore, persons, mostly from China and Russia, who travel to the US for the expressed purpose of delivering their babies in the US and acquiring citizenship, should not be allowed. These persons are usurping the very meaning of citizenship. These birthright foreigners later use their children’s citizenship to obtain citizenship through chain immigration and claim US resources at their convenience. For the safety and wellness of the citizens of the United States, immigration laws must be reformed to comply with sound, reasoned principles. In Congress, I will support President Trump if he bans birthright citizenship.

Foreign Policy

Israel has a right to exist. I support our strongest ally in the Middle East and our friend Israel. Israel’s right to exist should not be contested. Israel is a democratic nation that respects civil liberties and personal freedom. I recommend my supporters read “The Case for Israel” by Alan Dershowitz.

China is the greatest threat to America. China has stolen our intellectual property, entrepreneurial innovation and our wealth through years of severe trade imbalances. They have made aggressive moves in the south China seas that threaten our allies. The Chinese government often blatantly misrepresents facts concerning the economy, and health issues such as the “Wuhan virus.” As your Congresswoman, I will support Senator Cotton and others to hold China accountable for distorting and concealing material facts about COVID-19. They must be held responsible. I recommend my supporters read “The Hundred Year Marathon” by Michael Pillsbury.

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